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Mojoes are closing down on Saturday the 17th March

Mojoes Fancy Dress is a family business that has been providing partygoers with costumes since 1983.

We have hundreds of quality costumes for hire, with an excellent choice of outfits to buy. We also have the accessories to complete your own costumes.

You can find plenty of costume themes: Medieval, Pirates, Cops & Robbers, Animals. There are outfits from the 1920s, through rock’n’ roll & into the swinging 60s, 70s punks or disco, etc. And of course we have film, book and TV characters available from Alice in Wonderland to Zorro.

In order to maintain our excellent reputation for cleanliness, all items are laundered after use.

If you are stuck for a theme or need an idea for a costume, please contact us. We’ll do our best to find what you’re looking for.

Our accessories extend from wigs to wands, hats to hairspray, and medallions to moustaches, if you can’t find the item or outfit you require, please call us, and we’ll contact our suppliers.

Mojoes – Outfitters to partygoers since 1983.